Haircuts and potato wedges

It happens like this. She cuts his hair and they talk, just like any barber and customer. Except this is grandfather and granddaughter, they’re in the bathroom, and this is the closest they get these days. Imants Ziedonis said it best: Stroke a silver head. Grandmother, grandfather, uncle when he’s sick. And he’ll begin to … Continue reading Haircuts and potato wedges

Cycling through history

I’ve been referring to myself as the ravine queen for the past three years. After my brain injury occurred, my love for Toronto went from urban art and architecture to the abandoned rail lines, unexplored river trails and forest paths of the Don Valley. Now the streets are empty and quiet. There’s no one around. … Continue reading Cycling through history

Catch the moment

Exactly three years ago today, a bicycle crash threw me into #StayHome mode just like the coronavirus threw the world into quarantine. By Monday, I was unable to do anything I’d been doing on Friday. My home became my refuge. Self-isolation was the new normal. What do you do when your fast-paced 21st-century life comes … Continue reading Catch the moment