3/ Don’t look back

I happen to sit down next to a jetlagged, soft-spoken doctor from Australia. “Don’t look back,” he says. He’s giving me advice to manage a brain injury, but it sounds more like a line from Orpheus and Eurydice. With 35 years in the field, he knows of what he speaks. Rehab taught me the same … Continue reading 3/ Don’t look back


2/ Press, no press

A 13th World Congress on Brain Injury press pass dangles from my neck. When someone asks whom I write for, I launch into a monologue that I repeat several times during the day. I’m press, but actually I’m recovering from a brain injury. This is my first conference in 22 months! (Self-conscious smile.) I haven’t … Continue reading 2/ Press, no press

1/ My journey to the World Congress on Brain Injury

Three of us entered the therapist’s office that Monday morning: me, my brain-injured self and my pre-injury über-me. I guess it’s obvious from the words I’m using who was on top that day. Also, that we weren’t a coherent whole. When the session started, Dr. Bicycle could barely keep up with us. “I’d been thinking … Continue reading 1/ My journey to the World Congress on Brain Injury